• Impact Change

      Positive change begins with improved decision-making that requires reliable data.

    • Information Unified

      Accurate systems information starts with accurate data.

    • Bottom-Line Results

      Improving profitability starts with accurate data as the foundation.

  • Meat Data Standardization Simplified

    Meat Solutions, Inc. wrote the book on standardizing random-weight meat products. Our standardization process is based on the following principles:

    • Item and brand identification founded on industry and regulatory standards
    • Unique U.P.C. and GTIN assignments
    • Accurate labeling based on regulations
    • Complete packaging identification based on best industry practices
    • Tracking and tracing capabilities based on traceability requirements
    • Data quality based on accurate attribute definitions

  • Connect Opportunities Throughout Your Company

    Advanced web applications for data standards maintenance and item-level profitability.

    • Simple and intuitive web forms guide new item and brand request process
    • Easy-to-learn cut tests that utilize your company‚Äôs items and costs
    • Increase profitability and costing knowledge through full carcass-cutting tests
    • Create recipes to see if your value-added line truly adds value
    • Interactive current market data for comparison and planning analysis

  • With You Every Step of the Way

    Access the experience, knowledge, and support of Meat Solutions, Inc.

    • Schedule trainings, meetings, phone calls, and walkthroughs with industry insiders
    • Comprehensive learning-center modules to help guide you every step of the way
    • Complete searchable IMPS and URMIS item reference lists with pictures and definitions
    • Meat cut labeling guidance and name search application

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