Maintain Data Standards and Increase Profitability With Innovative Web Tools

  • Item Management

    • Easily access and view your data in one place
    • Download full item lists for use with your systems
    • Self-service, easy, intuitive new item request system

  • Brand Management

    • Review all your branding and claims at once
    • Request new brands in minutes
    • Download brand lists for use with your systems

  • Interactive IMPS & URMIS

    • One interactive source for all IMPS and URMIS items
    • Enriched item descriptions, definitions, and images
    • Easily sort and filter to find an item and its variations

  • Cut Test

    • Established test with historical time and yield data
    • Standards test that uses your standardized item lists
    • Carcass test that reveals true cost of your wholesale cut items and cutting styles

  • Recipe Creation

    • Measure the cost and profitability of your value-added items
    • Hundreds of the most common ingredients
    • Convert from ingredient units to pounds and model price change effects

  • Current Market Data

    • Wholesale cost data
    • Cut-out yield data
    • Featuring data
    • Trend reports

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