Standardized Data - Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Step 1: Send Us a List of Your Items

  • Step 2: We Identify Your Brands

  • Step 3: We Standardize Your Items

    Meat Solutions, Inc. manages the entire process, from start to finish, within a few weeks. All we need are a couple of calls with a person from your company familiar with your items, and we take it from there. Using the VMMEAT® System, we identify the brands and classify your random-weight items to industry and regulatory standards. We then provide you with a complete, accurate, and validated data file and access to the online maintenance applications. The standardization process is simple, efficient, and inexpensive for your company.

Unlock Ten Powerful Benefits of Standardized Data

  • Elevate your data accuracy and quality to compliant-based regulatory and industry standards

  • Align your items and brands across all your systems and overcome system discipline issues

  • Eliminate item duplications, decrease maintenance time, and reduce customer errors

  • Improve labels and decrease labeling issues 

  • Enable better inventory control and reduce distress losses

  • Enhance tracking and tracing capabilities 

  • Reduce communication issues between your production, accounting, and sales departments

  • Improve employee training, knowledge, and discipline with advanced data standards

  • Upgrade reporting and analytical capabilities with reliable and dependable information

  • Effect change, empower results, and maintain accountability within your entire organization

Trust the Leaders in Standardized Meat Data Management

  • Expert Guidance

  • Industry Standards

  • IT Systems Integration

  • Accessible 24/7 on Any Device

    We have more than a century of combined experience in meat standards development and information technology. We’ve helped many of the leading U.S. suppliers and retailers standardize and integrate their items and brands. Our web-based applications are specifically designed for meat and poultry products and provide the tools necessary to manage the ongoing maintenance and tracking of your data. Your data is protected by a non-disclosure agreement, stored in a secure database, and easily accessible to you at any time from any device.

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