Customized Solutions for Your Business' Needs

Realize a significant return-on-investment from our standardization service. Reduce item maintenance cost and upgrade data accuracy with advanced web applications designed for meat products. Improve your bottom-line results and lower your IT cost with premium applications tailored for your products.

    Included in Subscription Standardization Service Ongoing Maintenance Premium Applications
    Your items standardized and cross-referenced to the VMMEAT® system
    Complete downloadable item and brand lists
    24/7 access to your data on any device
    Expert guidance from Meat Solutions, Inc.
    Item management application *
    Brand management application *
    IMPS interactive reference application
    URMIS interactive reference application
    Complete learning-center modules
    Carcass cut test application *
    Standards cut test application *
    Recipe creation application *
    Market analysis application
    Labeling and name search application

* Application requires standardized item list

Key Features That Have A Huge Impact On Your Business

  • Systems Integration

    Meat Supplier Standards data and applications easily integrate with your existing systems, and our staff has the IT expertise and knowledge to help you implement your data.

  • Expert Guidance

    Meat Solutions, Inc. works with the USDA and the major standards organizations, and we maintain the entire range of random-weight meat and poultry UPC code assignments.

  • Compliant Labeling

    Our VMMEAT® System has up-to-date item descriptions that comply with regulations and industry standards. We provide customized labeling lists for your scale equipment applications.

  • Item Management

    The application simplifies new item maintenance, reduces confusion and will save you time. We provide customized item lists for your system applications.

  • Brand Management

    The application simplifies maintenance and brand characterization. We provide customized brand and item lists for your system applications.

  • Package Systems

    Our system includes tracking capabilities for all levels of your packaging hierarchy. We provide customized packaging data lists for your system applications.

  • Market Data

    Up-to-date USDA market data in one convenient application. Extensive reporting features are accessible from any device at any time.

  • Price Modeling

    Manage and improve carcass and wholesale cut profits. Simulate production and mix changes. Analyze cost and pricing strategies and forecast bottom-line results.

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